Kalilia is a world of fertile fields and rugged coastlines. It is a world of intrigue, where cities and small empires compete for economic and political power. Most of the world is shrouded in mystery, as the friendly realms of the northwest coast are bordered by fridged mountains to the north, a vast temperate desert to the east and a mysterious empire to the south.

The Lands of the West


The kingdoms of the west are centered around a great river valley. The western edge of the valley forms the great northern coastline of the Eldaric Ocean. To the south is a branch of mountains and then the north coast of the Misty Sea. This area lies at a high temperate latitude on a world with a sun that is ever so slightly greener and warmer than the sun of the Old World. The prevailing weather along the coast is wind and drizzle, although it gets sunny and warm in the summer. The winter sees heavy snows in the mountains and cold rain, sleet and hail up and down the coast. Perhaps the dramatic variety in the seasons is what gave rise to the worship of seasons on Kalilia.

To the west, beyond the mountains, lies a temperate desert, largely unexplored, but inhabited by nomadic people’s related to the Tagkya. The Great Valley is primarily inhabited by humans, halflings, elves, dwarves, gnomes, orcs, goblins and giants.

The Great Valley and the lands immediately surrounding it can be considered to be divided into the following primary regions:

North Riverland: The lands immediately surrounding the city of Tharos, bordered on the south by the Seaward River, on the east by the Tumbledown and on the north by the Great Stone Mountains. Children of Wild Heart takes place in the north east of this region.

The Great Stone Mountains: A vast mountainous region, claimed by Dwarves from the Seven Clans of Rolven, Ragdel, Dzord, Madrorn, Herhullfan, Grundvalk and Volcranzer. They are bordered on the north and east by the Northwestern Wilderness and on the South by North Riverland and the Elf Lands of Syndale.

Syndale: Also called the Synergy and the Land of Changing Colors, the woodlands are ruled by a civilization of Autumn Elves and are inhabited by a smattering of other Elven races. Syndale is bordered on the west by North Riverland and the Freelands , on the south by the Wilderange and to the east and northeast by the Northern Desert and the Northwestern Wilderness.

The Freelands: A lush and fertile coastal area comprising South Riverland, the Fork and Ardveld. The people of the Freelands recognize no King or Empire and most are fierce, independent farmers and fishermen. The largest and most powerful settlement in the Freelands is the city Virtigo, which has long coveted domination of it’s neighbors and the rich trade routes currently controlled by Tharos.

The Five Sisters: A peninsula dominated by five autonomous, but allied cities. The Five Sisters are bordered on the north by Ardveld (part of the Freelands) and on the North West by the Rift. To all other directions lay water, for it is the peninsula that separates the Eldaric Ocean from the Misty Sea.

The Empire of Thraxia: A powerful Empire, by Kalilian standards. Thraxia and it’s neighbor Plin are all that is left of the old Empires of the Artificer Kings, though Thraxia has the more legitimate claim as the city now called simply the Capital was in fact the seat of power in those lost days. Thraxia is bordered on the east by Plin, on the north by the Wilderange and on the west by the Rift.

Plin: The Empire of Plin is an old and heavily populated land, mostly comprised of mountains and desert. Plin is currently ruled by the child Emperor Kyara Kyeshvan of Teshu a six year old who is almost never seen out of the company of his companion and playmate Mayalin of Rial, also six. Plin is bordered on the west by Thraxia and on the east by the Northern Desert. To the south lay the conquered lands ruled by the Kintari.

The Rift and the Wilderange: The Rift is a fertile and beautiful valley surrounded by mountains and overrun with orcs, goblins, ogres and all manner of monsters. The Wildrange is the continuation of the mountains that form the Rift, stretching to the east between Thraxia and Syndale. The Wilderange is inhabited by shepherds and harpies and fenglings. At least one dragon makes his home in the Wilderange, near the Blessed Valley.

The Kintari Lands: The Kintari lands lay to the south and east of Plin. The Kintari are a hostile carnivorous race who came out of nowhere six hundred years ago and launched a massive invasion of the southern lands, subjugating and eating anyone in their path. The invasion inexplicably halted just shy of Plin’s border, but the Kintari consider anyone crossing that border trespassers to be eaten. The Kintari have knowledge of technology that most Westerners don’t understand and their presence has cut the Westerners off from the rich southern lands collectively called Tarvia.

Underland: Several vast caverns under the Great Valley are inhabited by Dark Elves. This civilization keeps mostly to itself, although they have been known to occasionally meddle in surface politics. They are despised by the inhabitants of Syndale who consider them corrupt and vile.

Seas and Oceans: The vast ocean to the west is called the Eldaric. Many consider it uncrossable. Some claim to have been to a strange continent to the far west where the Khan and the Shogun, lords of two mythic empires, struggle for domination. Most dismiss these claims as wild stories. To the south of Thraxia and the Five Sisters, the Misty Sea is full of islands, some inhabited by tough fisher folk, other’s the den of pirates and lurking monsters. Kintari warships, run by steam and armed with powder cannon patrol the southern parts of the Misty Sea, hunting anyone who dares try to sail to Tarvia.

Desert and Wilderness: The Northern Desert lays to the east. It is a wild, empty land that stretches for two thousand miles before one reaches the Estari Kingdoms. A few brave Thraxian and Plinish merchants make the trek between the West and the East every year. Some return the next year, laden with riches. Many are never seen again. The North Western Wilderness lies to the north of the Great Valley. It is a wild, mountainous region, inhabited by giants, cyclopses and Dragons. In it’s northernmost reaches lays a wilderness of ice that never melts, where the night lasts half the year and in the summer the sun never sets.


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